Academy of Judicial Studies in Abu Dhabi


Design philosophy

To propose a concept for the interior design of the New Academy of Judicial Studies, we highlighted the following goals:


1) to propose a design of interiors that can communicate to the users a clear and fresh message about the significant of the administration of justice in the contemporary society;

2) to propose a design of interiors that can guide easily people through the spaces indicating a natural flow inside of the architecture. Each space is defined by sculptured figures capable to create emotions because of their unexpected visual impact. These objects become landmarks on the pathway that leads to the different areas where the activities are taking place.


With this project we would like to communicate to the users (students, professors, guests) that the justice through the administration of the body of laws is the guarantor of the social pact between the different members of the society, that guide friendly and strongly the social community to develop its activities and conduct its life in peace and fairness.

To represent this message we assumed the symbol of a role of pergamena, where laws were written for thousand of years, that becomes in our project a unrolled ribbon flying through the different spaces, composing here a flying sculpture to fill the double high space in the V.I.P. entrance, here leading your movement through the corridors and indoor gardens up to the auditorium.

In the auditorium the ribbon flying all around the walls defines the space as a big nest, that contains the seats in different colours and the stage.

The stage becomes a focal point shaped as a rainbow.


In the ceiling, at the centre of the nest, the ribbon defines an open space where we located the central big chandelier in the shape of a cloud composed of glass lighted transparent tubes.